The City of Tempe Procurement Office gives notice that it will accept bids/proposals for the following products/services:

18-041 Request for QuotationReplacement Batteries for Bus Stop PV LED Lighting Systems9/27/2017
18-052 Request for QuotationDead Animal Pickup and Disposal9/27/2017
18-015 Request for ProposalFirst-Time Home Buyer Program Administrator10/2/2017
18-047 Request for ProposalTown Lake - Dam Gate Hydraulic Oil Testing, Cleaning and Replacement10/3/2017
18-023 Request for ProposalPsychological Consulting Services for Pre-Employment Services - Police10/3/2017
18-055 Request for ProposalPsychological Consulting Services for Critical Incident Events - Police10/3/2017
18-049 Request for ProposalRebuilding of Hydraulic Cylinders - Town Lake Dam10/4/2017
18-048 Request for ProposalConsultant - Plant Operational Services - Kyrene Water Reclamation Facility10/10/2017
18-012 Request for QuotationDive Gear Maintenance, Testing and Certification10/10/2017
18-051 Request for ProposalDock Inspections and Repairs10/10/2017
18-058 Request for ProposalSCBA Equipment for Police - Avon Protection Only10/11/2017

For more information and to download a bid click on the solicitation number. Note: All City of Tempe Invitation for Bids, Request for Proposals, and Request For Qualifications are due at 3:00 PM (MST) on the date indicated. Request for Quotations are due at 3:30 PM (MST) on the date indicated.

Bid Solicitations can be obtained:

  • In person at
    City of Tempe Procurement Office
    20 East Sixth Street, 2nd Floor
    Tempe, AZ 85281 
  • By Internet download
    To download, click on the solicitation number above.
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